Tailoring lies at the very heart of Popplin, premium wear and is a salient part of its forte. Combining modern cut techniques with classic approaches, a bespoke Popplin suit is exclusively hand crafted to the highest quality with the utmost attention to every ounce of detail.

In house, at Popplin we provide excellent tailoring along with state of an art design tools to bring out the foremost representation of stellar work in each ground-breaking suit. Entailing series of articles designed to uncover the interwoven threads of the research narratives, couture, textiles, embroidery and relationship between technology and the hand, which remain deeply embedded in the clothes and the way they are revealed.

With a wide range of diversity, Popplin brings to you suits in all formations from corporate wear, semi-formal dinner nights and laid-back mundane comfort suits.

We aim to reach out to all women across the globe and provide them with the access to impeccable tailored suits. Presenting to you the best there is, from body hugging fitted suits to high quality products at its unexampled production. Popplin speaks the language of the people; vogue, timeless and luxury with trustworthy services at expert’s hands.