Product Care


  • Steam iron it to remove any crease.
  • In case you are using an iron, it is recommended to use the one with a plastic sheet on top. (Avoid using a direct iron on the fabric)
  • Clean your suit. Use a cloth brush with soft bristles to scrub off any unwanted thread or dirt.
    Avoid using a lint roller; it tends to pull out fibers from the garment.
  • In case of any stains or liquid spills, it is best to visit your local dry cleaner.
  • Rotate your suits. Switch suits alternatively and avoid excessively using one suit.
  • Hang your suit. Invest in a good quality wooden hanger to support the structure of your blazer.
    Store it. If you’re not using your suit on a weekly basis, it is best to store it in a light weight dust proof garment bag.
    *Avoid sending suits for dry cleaning. Due to the excess chemicals, you can be putting your suits at risk. Once in 6-7 months is recommended.


  • Steam press your pants.
  • Do not fold your formal pants, always hang it to avoid creases.
  • Use a sturdy hanger with a bar that refrains your pants from sliding down.
  • In case your hanger is slippery, try using the Savile row fold technique to keep it intact.
    *Popplin’s suits are made to last long. A little bit of extra care will ensure you your suits will last you for years to come.