About us


Popplin is a bespoke suits brand which provides the finest, most premium fabrics and materials used for high end blazers and pants. With a wide range of diversity in suits, we bring to you suits of all kinds from corporate formal wear, semi-formal dinner nights and casual laid back comfort suits. 

In house, at Popplin we provide world class premium tailoring along with state of an art design tools to bring out the foremost reflection of stellar quality in every suit. 

Popplin speaks the language of vogue, distinct quality and premium class with trustworthy services and high end products. We intend to create a market which will be accessible to all women around the world for high quality tailored bespoke suits. 


Our mission

We strive to reach out and provide access to impeccable suits to all women across the globe. Bringing them with the best there is, from body hugging perfect fitted suits to high quality products at its premium production.